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Our teams of investment specialists offer depth of expertise across a wide range of insights into investment disciplines, managing and administering over R600 billion.
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Diversify your assets by investing offshore.
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OUR core funds

Our fund range focuses on the needs of our investors, providing sufficient choice without complexity.


Investing for income is a primary focus. Some investors may also choose to have an element of capital growth whilst collecting an income. We therefore offer funds across a spectrum to balance your income needs.  


Capital growth may be an important objective but so is protection of that capital and or stability of investment returns. Your investment goal is likely to be medium to longer term. We offer a fund that focuses on managing downside risk whilst achieving capital growth and another that aims to provide a balance of income and growth to align to the need for stability and certainty.


Capital growth is your primary objective and you’re likely to have a longer-term investment goal. You should also have some appetite to weather turbulent markets given your focus on the long-term growth outcome. Typically, funds in this category will allocate a higher percentage to equity stocks both locally and offshore.


Diversifying a local portfolio to include offshore assets is important to manage risk and broaden opportunities to reach your investment goal. Our offshore fund range includes fixed income, balanced, and equity funds that invest in other markets providing options for wider exposure to suit your portfolio needs.

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Whether you are growing or preserving your capital, or drawing an income from your investment, we have a solution for you.

Invest Tax-free

A simple savings solution with no tax on interest, dividends or capital gains.


Invest in a simple, transparent and cost effective solution to help you save for your retirement.

Unit trust Investing

A simple and easy way to grow, protect or earn an income from your savings by investing cash in a unit trust fund, in exchange for units.


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On lending to the SA Government
Traditionally, government bonds are referred to as ‘risk-free’ assets. Much of modern financial theory, and indeed, the practical day-to-day workings of financial markets, depend on such a concept.
Economics & Markets

A decade: past and future

Over the past 10 years the world economy has gradually recovered from the Global Financial Crisis
(GFC), growing by a respectable annual average of 3.8% from 2010 to 2019.

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Investing perspectives

Machine learning is another tool, not The Tool

As we head into a new decade, the potential and increasing application of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with investment decision-making and improve the accuracy of our investment choices continues to receive a lot of attention.

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