STANLIB Swaziland is a subsidiary of the Liberty Life Group, and opened its offices in the country in 1999. The launching of STANLIB Swaziland brought to the market an investment management service provider with both local and international focus, incorporating our clients’ objectives and a low risk approach to investment management. We aim to adopt the best values and techniques as practised internationally into the investment management market in Swaziland. STANLIB Swaziland prides itself for being the largest asset manager based in Swaziland, managing assets in excess of E6.5 billion*.

Our clients are mainly institutional and corporate investors with short-term cash management and medium-to-long term investment needs, including retirement fund asset management, and retail investors with surplus cash to invest at regular intervals or in once off lump sum investments. Our retail clients comprise of individual investors, high net-worth individuals, clubs, small business associations, and community cooperatives.

Our parent company STANLIB, is one of Africa’s leading asset managers, headquartered in South Africa, with assets under management and administration in excess of R586 billion (USD 42.7 billion) (as at 31 December 2016) for over 500 000 retail and institutional clients across the African continent. We have a proud heritage and more than a 1400 years collective experience in our investment team. STANLIB was founded in 2002 when Liberty Asset Management and Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank Asset Management merged. Liberty Asset Management and SCMB Asset Management had managed investments for over 25 years prior to their merger.

STANLIB has adopted the Franchise Model which is designed to deal with the complexities of an ever-changing investment. This operating model provides the advantages and commitment of a boutique and the strength and efficacy


Our Team

Mandla Ndlovu
General Manager
B.A. (UNISWA)  MBA (Milpark)

Gordon Bennett
Business Development Manager
B.A. (UNISWA)  MBA (Mancosa), SLP (GIBBS), MDP (Stellenbosch)

Gcebile Mbuli
Business Development Manager

Thabiso Nzuza
Finance and Administration Manager
CA (Swaziland)



To successfully chart the firm’s future, management must know where the firm is at present, have a view of where it ought to be headed and recognize the time required to shift to a new direction.

For STANLIB Swaziland to continue maximizing on opportunities and tackling challenges as they arise, it is imperative to chart the way forward through a strategic plan. A sound plan should:

  • Serve as a framework for decision-making in the organization,
  • Provide a basis for more detailed planning,
  • Explain the business to others in order to inform, motivate and involve,
  • Assist in benchmarking and performance monitoring
  • Lower the resistance of management to change as it clearly defines where the firm is and where it seeks to be in the foreseeable future, and
  • Stimulate change and become a building block.