Retirement investing with STANLIB

A happy retirement starts long before you retire

Saving for retirement is key to your entire financial plan – as it is likely to be the longest savings exercise you ever attempt.

It is therefore important to partner with an investment company that understands your needs and has the breadth of expertise to help you meet your goals.

STANLIB's retirement solutions

STANLIB now offers two product ranges for pre- and post-retirement investments:

  • A Direct Unit Trust Solution, with easy to manage pre-selected range of six funds, and no platform charge
  • A Classic Retirement Range: A platform for the future offering a wide selection of funds at a competitive platform charge

Quick comparison:

STANLIB Direct Unit Trust
Retirement Range
STANLIB Classic Retirement Range

Retirement Annuity Fund (saving for retirement)

 X X
Preservation Pension Fund    X X
Preservation Provident Fund   X X
Linked Life Annuity   X X
Tax benefits   X X
Transparency    X X
No fees on switching between underlying funds   X X
Spreading of the STANLIB initial fee   N/A X
Upfront financial adviser charge 

 At adviser discretion

At adviser discretion

Annual ongoing financial adviser charge  At adviser discretion

At adviser discretion

Platform administration charge   None   Ranging from 0.50% to as low as 0.25% (minimum of R750 p.a.)
Range of asset managers

STANLIB only  

About 15 different investment management companies
Range of available funds 5 STANLIB funds available pre-retirement
6 STANLIB funds available post-retirement
-80+ Unit Trust funds to choose from
Additional flexibility in structuring of portfolio None

•  Model Portfolios
•  Personal Share Portfolios
•  Exchange Traded Funds
•  Structured Products*

*For Linked Life Annuity only

Portfolio management charge Competitive, all inclusive and transparent fund manager pricing

Competitive, all inclusive and transparent fund manager pricing

Note: These two product ranges are on separate contracts. This means that you cannot switch between these two product ranges. To move from one range to the other, we will require a transfer from the existing contract to a new contract, hence you would need to complete a transfer form and a new application form. This will be processed free of charge.

More information on the product ranges:


Retirement brochures

Principles for investing for retirement

This brochure touches on the following questions and principles:

  • Why save for your retirement?
  • How can I save for retirement?
  • Retirement savings are a marathon, not a sprint
  • The earlier, the better
  • The magic of compounding
  • Choosing the underlying funds
  • Beating inflation
  • Avoiding risk can be very risky!
  • Invest according to your time horizon, not according to your risk aversion
  • Preserve, Preserve, Preserve
  • A little bit more about preservation funds
  • As you get closer to retirement
  • Why choose STANLIB to be your retirement partner?

Guide to understanding retirement

You spend your life working and saving to ensure that one day you can retire comfortably. There is a lot of advice to be found about how to save for retirement, but what about advice at the point of retirement? read more about:

  • Annuities, from A to Z
  • Single life guaranteed annuities
  • Level guaranteed life annuity
  • Escalating guaranteed life annuity
  • Enhanced single life annuity
  • Other features on guaranteed annuity contracts
  • Joint and survivorship life annuity
  • Guaranteed and then for life annuity
  • Living or linked life annuities

Retirement calculator

Use the Retirement Savings calculator to determine if your financial plan is on track to provide you enough savings in your retirement.

Retirement Savings Calculator