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Weekly Performance Update (22/06/2017) 
Weekly Focus (26/06/2017)

Economic Weekly

  • SA consumer inflation increased slightly in May 2017 to 5.4%y/y. In-line with expectations, pushed higher by both food and fuel prices. But inflation should moderate in the months ahead
  • SA petrol price is forecast to drop by as much as 70c/l in July 2017 affirming our view that inflation will moderate, which in turn, will considerably increase the likelihood of an interest rate cut before the end of the year
  • SA current account deficit increased somewhat in Q1 2017 to 2.1% of GDP. A further improvement in the trade surplus was more than offset by an increase in service payments
  • All of the US leading indicators remain very encouraging, suggesting economic activity should accelerate in H2 2017. However, real economic data continues to lag, which is relatively worrying
  • Namibia's recession deepens even further

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