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Weekly Performance Update (15/03/2017) 
Weekly Focus (20/03/2017)

Economic Weekly

  • SA manufacturing production declined further in January 2017 and is trending weaker. Hopefully, an improvement in agriculture and mining output will boost the sector somewhat in 2017.
  • SA retail sales fell sharply in January 2017. Worst annual decline in retail sales since the global financial crisis in 2009. This is before the impact of the recent tax hikes.
  • US consumer inflation now up at 2.7%y/y, partly due to base effects. Core inflation steady at 2.2%.
  • US Federal Reserve increased rates by a further 25bps, as expected. FOMC indicated this was in response to improved growth and higher inflation. Two further rate hikes expected in 2017.
  • Nigeria inflation slows, but underlying pressures persist.

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