Our clients

Our Clients

At STANLIB we make the following distinction between individual (or retail) and institutional investors:

A retail investment is when an individual, or a trust / small company, invests in a designed product. For example, a retail investor would invest in an already existing unit trust fund that is governed according to certain rules and regulations.

An institutional investor typically has a large amount of assets to invest, and these may be managed according to a mandate that they have specified. For example, pension funds are institutional investors, and they may specify that their investments need to comply with certain guidelines that the trustees of that pension fund have set up.

No matter whether our clients are retail or institutional in nature, we are committed to providing excellent service. We have one of the largest client service teams who are all dedicated to administering clients' investment portfolios professionally and appropriately. We believe that communicating with our clients is vital, and our commitment is to ensure you have the best information available.