Personal Share Portfolios

A Personal Share Portfolio is a portfolio of directly owned securities such as equities, bonds and derivatives. The stockbroker selects the securities based on specific investment objectives and risk profiles.

Your clients can select a Personal Share Portfolio (PSP), structured to achieve specific outcomes, from a reputable stockbroker, SBG Securities, and house it in their Classic Linked Life Annuity. In the near future, they will also be able to house it in their pre-retirement product (Classic Retirement Annuity Fund and Classic Preservation Plans).

SBG Securities offers a number of standard portfolios that meet different financial needs - for more information on these portfolios please call them on 011 721 7199 or refer to the fact sheets below.

For more information on Personal Share Portfolios, click here to download the brochure.

SBG Securities: Personal Share Portfolios fact sheets:

Fund NamePSP Portfolio Fact Sheet
SBG Securities Conservative PSP Download
SBG Securities Diversified PSP Download
SBG Securities High Dividend PSP Download
SBG Securities Income PSP Download
SBG Securities Listed Property PSP Download