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STANLIB is committed to excellent customer service and ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices.

We have voluntarily adopted the ‘Treat Customers Fairly’ principles. These principles are ingrained in our STANLIB culture where we will:

  • Conduct our business with due skill, care and diligence
  • Control and organise our business responsibly and effectively with adequate risk management systems
  • Give due consideration to our investors' interests and treat them fairly, and
  • Listen to, understand and act on feedback from our investors.

While we strive for the perfect client relationship – it can be difficult to achieve; and we appreciate that there are times when our customers will not be satisfied. In such cases we need to investigate and resolve these issues as soon as possible in an appropriate manner and through the appropriate channels.

If you are unhappy with STANLIB and the service you have received the following steps may be taken:

General queries and comments

These are dealt with by the STANLIB Contact Centre on 0860 123 003 or email us on contact@stanlib.com.