STANLIB Fund Rationalisation Ballot results

The STANLIB Collective Investments fund rationalisation ballot process has been finalised and the (FSCA) has approved the fund mergers. These mergers took place on 23 March 2018.

From Fund: Merged to Fund:
1. STANLIB Capital Growth Fund
    STANLIB Resources Fund
    STANLIB Financials Fund
    STANLIB Industrial Fund
STANLIB SA Equity Fund
2. STANLIB Shari'ah Equity Fund STANLIB Multi-Manager Shari'ah Balanced Fund of Funds
3. STANLIB Moderately Conservative Fof
    STANLIB Conservative Fund of Funds
STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund
4. STANLIB Inflation Plus 3% Fund
    STANLIB Moderate FoF
    STANLIB Moderately Aggressive Fof
    STANLIB Balanced Trustees Fof
STANLIB Absolute Plus Fund
5. STANLIB Value Fund STANLIB Equity Fund
6. STANLIB Aggressive FoF STANLIB Balanced Fund
7. STANLIB Institutional Property Fund STANLIB Property Income Fund
8. STANLIB Euro Currency Fof STANLIB US Dollar Currency Fof