Register Online

STANLIB Online is a self-service portal that allows accredited financial advisers instant access to information on their client’s investment. STANLIB Online allows you to view your client’s investment details and carry out some transactions like switches online - all in your own time.

Registering on STANLIB Online will take a few minutes of your time, we will then verify your details and you will be able to transact after 48 hours.

Registration Process 

  1. Click on “Register Online” in the "I Want To" section (on the right hand side of this page) or click here.

  2. Please complete all the details such as the type of adviser you are, your personal details and agent information and also your banking and address details as well as all other required fields so that we can allocate a login.

  3. Once you have completed all the details click "submit"

  4. An immediate email will be sent to your email address that was provided informing you of your registration. The email will include your STANLIB login number. Please keep this login safe

  5. After 48 hours another email will be sent to you authenticating your registration as well as providing your STANLIB Online login number at this point you can log on to STANLIB Online and view your investments as well as your clients’ investments.

  6. We have a "Forgotten Password" function that is available to you at any time. If you forget your password click on the “Forgotten Password” function and then enter your STANLIB Login ID as well as you ID/passport number. Then click submit and your password will be sent to you via sms and email.
If at any time you experience any problems please give us a call during office hours (08h00 to 17h00) on 0860 104 418 and we will assist you with your query.